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Stéphanie was born in Réunion (French territory) moving to Paris at the age of five. She doesn’t read music but has a natural ear, growing up listening to (a young) Michael Jackson, Céline Dion and Sandi Patty. (She credits singing along with Michael Jackson albums with perfecting her pronunciation in English.) Her love of music, especially singing, made itself felt early on when she joined a youth choir in her local church and sang her first solo at the age of thirteen. Later she joined the gospel choir Ephésia at around 20 years of age and her exceptional voice often had her singing lead. And it’s Stéphanie’s pure, rich timbre which adds a unique resonance and clarity to the trio.

Stéphanie’s Top 10 Gospel and CCM Songs

1. In the Name of the Lord – Sandi Patty
2. Via Dolorosa – Sandi Patty
3. Viens à moi – Tabitha Lemaire
4. Non rien ne me séparera – Tabitha Lemaire
5. Psaume 121 – Tabitha Lemaire
6. Wonderful Merciful Savior – Selah
7. Power of your Love – Hillsong
8. The Prayer – Donnie McClurkin & Yolanda Adams
9. Alabaster box – Ce Ce Winans
10. Now Behold the Lamb – Kirk Franklin

And when she was a little younger…

Stéphanie Lacou a little younger